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This is a new start that I decided in my life. I am a graduate from Architecture department at King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) Since 2012, and trying to improve in many Design aspects especially in Drawing and Painting in Architectural field, Animation and Manga. Currently, I am working in a Company called EMCOR EFS located in Thwel KSA in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) By enrolling into the a Four years Saudi Graduate Internship Program. My Personal Goals Are: After collecting the Educational Fee's I want to get the Diploma's from Studying in Gnomon Visual Effect School and Feng Zhu Design School , Build an Apartment, Make my movie Skeleton World for Desiney and Make my own Anime & Manga and Make a Series of Childern Books. In Addition, to improve my C.V by Getting MBA, CAPM, PMP, LEED GA, LEED AP , FM Level 4 Diploma or IFMA. On the Other Hand, Working to make an online business to teach who aspier to be an artiest how to draw. Also, reasearching how to make a Tea House business. Also I want to Meet Idols that I admire: Nana Mizuki,Maon Krusaki, Yuuka Nanri, Hitomi Shibatani, Faylan, Ayumi Hamasaki, Aya Kamiki, Hilary Duff, Delta Goodrem, Kate Beckinsale, Will Smith, Liv Taylor, Sosan Coffey, Antony Robans, Bryan Traisy, Feng Zhu, Ramit Sethi, Pat Flynn Follow Ihab Ibarahim Battawi on Quora
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Answer by Ihab Ibarahim Battawi:

Thanks for the A2A Varun,

here it goes ” No matter what people teach you or tell you what you should do nothing will happen unless you take action by your self as you have the power to change things around you”

Another Saying ” To change the world start by changing yourself first by becoming a top performer”

Next “the strongest opponent your going to face in your life is yourself as you know better than anyone what are your strength points and what are your weakness, so be true to your self and apply what skills you have  learned in your life”

Finally ” never ever give up, continue the smart handwork on your own pace and make your own luck by taking action now”
What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt in your life?

Answer by Jacqueline Wong:

I think it can, depending on the nature of the questions and answers you’re reading.  Also, answering a question would likely prompt even higher levels of thinking than simply reading the questions and answers. 

Bloom’s Taxonomy categorizes “high level thinking” in the educational system.  If you apply Quora activity to the taxonomy, it seems that reading would closely evoke levels of “remembering” and “understanding,” whereas answering questions could evoke higher levels of thinking such as “analyzing,” “evaluating,” and “creating.”  Commenting and asking could fit among the top four, too.  (More interactive than reading.)

            Levels of Thinking According to Bloom’s Taxonomy

The type of question would also make a difference in the level of thinking.

Some questions like “What’s your shoe size?” probably do little to improve high-level thinking.

But others are more complex and do seem to encourage more analysis and creativity.  For instance, these questions: Crowdsourcing Ideas to Accelerate Economic Growth and Prosperity through a White House Strategy for American Innovation

This chart lists key words and examples of Bloom’s question taxonomies as they progress from low to high levels of thinking (click to zoom): 

So, while it would partly depend on the sorts of creatures a user encounters on Quora, I think reading, writing and answering the right questions could potentially improve one’s high level thinking a great deal.
Does reading Quora help improve one’s high-level thinking?
When you design and object (building, product, interior, fashion, landscaping, website, jewelry, car, airplane, video game, a game, .. etc) and face trouble what do you think you need at that moment to help you overcome the situation? Tell  me more and share this question with your friends and ask them to  answer too (P.S: Do not forget to Follow to get the latest answers)
What is the hardest part when you start designing?

Answer by Leo Peo:

It will take 15 minutes but will be worth it

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So here are the questions it is only two but may you tell me more about them:

1- What is the hardest part when you start drawing? When you draw or design and face trouble what do you think you need at that moment to help you overcome the situation? Tell me more.

2- What details must be in the ultimate drawing course? If you are advanced or a beginner or even just started, what do you expect to learn from the best drawing course? What kind of content should it have if money was not an issue? Tell me more.

(p.s: i have posted these questions in Quora and got some answers so you can visit the link as it will contain a lot of interesting answer and advice that might improve your skills in drawing)


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by Redknight09

ok… not ok

My Wacom Intous4 L USB broke and this is bad really bad..
so i tried to Solder the USB port back but still not working
i saw another post about soldering the wires directly to the board did that but also not working..
so the only solution now is..
to buy a new one although i do not like the new Intous5 it does not have the short cuts words lights…
any opinion what should i buy now?

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by Redknight09

if i made a course to teach the principles of how to draw and design will you join that course? if yes leave the most e-mail you use    
إذا سويت دروس عن تعليم مبادىء الرسم والتصميم هل حتنضم ليها؟إذا نعم أكتب أكثر إيميل تست

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